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services (pound notes)

Lancetek offers a variety of services to help your project to succeed. We have experience working on many different projects. From small projects that support 1 person to extensive and elaborate systems that support tens of thousands of concurrent users.

If you don't see a service offered, please ask!

e-commerce solutions

e-commerce solutions (shopping cart)

Lancetek specialises in e-commerce solutions. Shopping platforms, shopping carts and shopping frameworks. If you need to sell your products online, we are able to help!

Here are a few project types that we are familiar with:

  • Mediachase E-commerce Framework v5 (ECF5)
  • Microsoft Commerce Server 2002
  • Epages 4.x
  • OSCommerce
  • Zencart

We specialise in Microsoft technologies including .NET 1.1 to 3.5 and SQL Server.


reporting (report graph)

We are often amazed by popular web stores that don't have any administrative reports! If you have a website and know the types of statistics that you'd like to have, we have the experience to extract that information from your site and display it to you in a useful manner.

We can generate custom reporting solutions or implement some off-the-shelf products. Not just for e-commerce but for any sort of situation where you need to look inside your data!

Sometimes you may have the data, but it's not in a useful format, so you need it massaged and displayed using a human-friendly interface.

Here are a few example types of reports:

  • Visitor count
  • Unpurchased baskets
  • Top-viewed products
  • Most popular pages

Any statistic that you could want to know could be provided to you. You just have to ask!

project advocacy

project advocacy (reaching handshake)

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the jargon? Like you don't understand technology? Like your current project provider may be taking advantage of your unfamiliararity with technology? We offer a popular 'client advocacy' service to address the need that clients often have, to get the best solution from a partner.

If you already have a technology provider and are worried about the state of a project, we work with you to understand your needs and vision in context of a currently active project. We will review all documentation and releases to date. And working with you, we can either take over the management of the project, act as a liason for you, or offer our advice about any issue.

It's very comforting to know that you have a professional in your corner, who is NOT invested in your project, to act as a rational, experienced 3rd party, to offer guidance. To help you get the best out of your investment.

project planning

project planning (people in a meeting)

We offer planning documentation services too. You may need the specifics about a project detailed, or only a portion of a project planned.

project auditing

project auditing (magnifying glass)

Has your project strayed from it's goals? Perhaps you need someone from outside of the project to take a fresh look at the issues and your vision to help get the project back on track.


troubleshooting (hammer)

Is there a problem that your team cannot seem to figure out? Perhaps we can help. We can consult with your development team to locate, isolate and fix system bottlenecks. We find that it's always advantageous to get another perspective on a problem that you're stuck on.

systems integration

systems integration (mouse pointer)

Systems integration is a very broad topic. It covers getting disparate systems communicating together. We've never come across two systems that couldn't communicate. Sometimes it's as easy as building and XML file or web service. Sometimes it's direct database access. Sometimes it involves writing completly separate applications to 'bridge' the communications gap. Whatever the system, we've probably worked successfully on something similar.

technical resource

technical resource (tie)

Does your project just need a little extra manpower? We offer planning, documentation, development and design resources. You can leverage our skills to achieve your goals.

search engine optimisation (SEO)

search engine optimisation (SEO) (words)

We have ample experience with SEO. We can offer you advice on your current site, provide a detailed improvement plan, or upgrade your site to be more Search Engine friendly.

We help to remove the fear and uncertainty of SEO. SEO techniques are not hard to understand, they are very basic and straightforward. SEO does rely on quite a bit of dedication and 'elbow grease' in order to get your site reasonably ranked.

e-commerce management and training

e-commerce management and training (target)

Do you need someone to run your online store? Do you need training on how to administer your store, take payments, ship orders? We have experts available to help!

We can run most training using virtual technology such as WebEx, so you don't have to leave the comfort of your office. Or we can arrange to meet you in person to take you through the steps you need to make your store a success!

About Us

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